Back from my first international shoot in Costa Rica!

What an incredible week this last one has been!  I had the pleasure and honor of working with Benjamin Kanes, a beyond-talented actor and director (he was most recently seen in a little flick called Birdman- you may have heard of it) in the stunningly beautiful country of Costa Rica.  I can't really get too far into the details yet, but hopefully it suffices to say that the people involved in this project were an incredibly special group, and I learned so much while I was down there with them.  

Positive energy, a genuine interest in bringing goodness into the world, and a generous spirit-- these things go a long, long way in the world, and the producers/crew on this film were a lesson in that from start to finish.  The Costa Rican people we worked with were enthusiastic, intelligent, and kind hosts, and coming back to New York with that kind of energy in you is so refreshing.  

One of the things I found most inspiring (aside from the energy of the local people-- Ticos are awesome!) was actually the way the producers worked together.  They're pretty different people with very different skill sets, but MAN-- the respect and care with which they treated each other and everyone on the project set such a collaborative and comfortable tone for the shoot.  

As a director, Ben is talented and relentlessly energetic.  Working with him enables a sense of endless possibility every time the camera rolls, and I feel very fortunate to have worked on this film.  More details to come soon!