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INTERFERENCE recently received its World Premiere at the gorgeous BAM Rose Theater as part of the New Voices in Black Cinema Festival at BAMCinematek.  We were absolutely honored to be a part of such a prestigious program and very excited to honor the black artists who made this film possible.  Please join us for our second NYC screening May 6th as part of the "Gun Nation" program at Harlem International Film Festival. Written, co-directed and co-produced by Robin Rose Singer.  Tickets available here.


HOME STREET HOME, a short documentary I co-directed with Tyler Hollinger, will make it's World Premiere on May 6th at the Harlem International Film Festival.  Tickets are available here.  Synopsis: In 2015 Shane Duffy met a homeless man Damian 'Dean' Cummings. In an effort to directly help one man's life, Shane built a 'Hidden Home' disguised as a dumpster. Damian lived in this home for over a year on the streets of SOHO NYC and know one suspected otherwise. In 2017 the NYPD took Damian's home away after the NY POST broke the story, thus returning him to the streets. Now the duo is being threatened with 10 days of jail and a $500 fine.


APHASIA is now available on Amazon!  Click the title to check it out for free!  The film was an Official Selection of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.  I wrote, produced, and acted in it.  FilmInk Magazine called it "one of the most provocative films of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival...."





COMPATIBILITY is now screening ONLINE after a fabulous premiere at the 2017 Hell's Half Mile Film Festival!  Click the title to check it out!  Jack Marchetti, who premiered his film at Tribeca Film Festival right before mine, wrote and directed this piece that asks what the world might look like if a computer could tell you who your soulmate was.  I starred in the film alongside John Kroft and produced with the inimitable Ruya Koman.  We are currently developing the feature-length version.



MAN-BABIES screens on May 12th @ 4:30PM as part of the NYC Independent Film Festival.  I play the female lead (and also co-produced) this half-hour comedy about the world's first pregnant man.  Written/directed by Tyler Hollinger.

I will also be on a panel with some incredible artists discussing the making of my TV comedy MATURITY.  Tickets can be purchased here!