HOME STREET HOME Wins Best Short Doc

After an unbelievable premiere and some tears during our Q+A, I'm so pleased to announce that Home Street Home took the prize for Best Short Doc at Harlem Film Festival this weekend.  

I co-directed this film with Tyler Hollinger and co-produced with Phil Sullivan and Shane Duffy, our EP.  We are very grateful to Damian and his family for opening up to us and helping to destigmatize the homeless epidemic.  

Please stay up to date on our story and check out our trailer here!


World Premiere: HOME STREET HOME

Our team is over the moon to announce that our documentary, HOME STREET HOME, will receive its world premiere at the Harlem International Film Festival this Sunday May 6th at 5PM.  I had the good fortune of co-directing this film with Tyler Hollinger.  It was executive produced by Shane Duffy, and we had an absolutely incredible crew.

Synopsis: In 2015 Shane Duffy met a homeless man Damian 'Dean' Cummings. In an effort to directly help one man's life, Shane built a 'Hidden Home' disguised as a dumpster. Damian lived in this home for over a year on the streets of SOHO NYC and know one suspected otherwise. In 2017 the NYPD took Damian's home away after the NY POST broke the story, thus returning him to the streets. Now the duo is being threatened with 10 days of jail and a $500 fine.

Tickets to join us are available here!

Aphasia NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon Video

Aphasia Poster No Website.jpg

Aphasia, a film I wrote, produced, and acted in, is now available on Amazon (and included with your Amazon Prime membership)!  Check it out here!

The film is a sci-fi drama about the consequences of relying on smart technology, and it premiered in 2015 as an Official Selection of Tribeca Film Festival.  It screened on United Airlines and at the Palm Springs Film Festival, Hell's Half Mile, Nighthawk Shorts Fest and Cinevana Istanbul.

Official Artist: NYTVF


It's been an amazing week at NYTVF!  I've learned so much from the good people at CAA, ICM, Warner Bros, HBO, FOX, Hulu, and more.  I owe a huge THANK YOU to Made in NY and NY MOME for inviting me to the festival as an Official Artist this year for my original comedy series, MATURITY (airing this January!)

The show is a half-hour comedy about a senior living facility in the Bronx.  We are putting the finishing touches on it this week.  Massive gratitude to our incredible post and creative teams who have been pouring their love into making this show the best it can possibly be, especially Jamie Zelermyer, my incredible EP who has been such a phenomenal collaborator and fearless leader!

COMPATIBILITY at Hell's Half Mile and Online!

Making COMPATIBILITY was an incredible experience form start to finish.  I was fortunate to have the chance to be directed by my fellow Tribeca Film Festival alum, Jack Marchetti; I worked for the very first time with my producing soul mate, Ruya Koman; and I finally had the chance to collaborate with artists I had wanted to work with for years.

The film recently made its world premiere as part of Hell's Half Mile Film Festival, where I had the pleasure of screening Aphasia a few years back.  This programming team and their audience are nothing by supportive and enthusiastic about independent film.  

The short asks "What would the world be like if your computer could tell you who your soulmate was?"  It is part of a larger feature which we are currently putting together, and it is now available online!   Check it out!

Writer/director: Jack Marchetti; starring John Kroft and Robin Rose Singer; produced by Robin Rose Singer and Ruya Koman; Director of Photography: Daniel Katz.

MAN-BABIES, a new comedy series

Thrilled to announce that pre-production has begun on the half-hour mystery-comedy, MAN-BABIES.  The show is written and directed by Tyler Hollinger (co-written by Colin Smith.)   

I play Miranda, the girlfriend of the main character, Charlie (played by Tyler himself) in this fascinating meditation on gender norms, YouTube fame, and scientific impossibilities.

Casting is underway and we are all really excited to bring this hysterical project to life in early March.

More about the project below!

Series Overview

30 Min Comedy/Mystery
Created by Tyler Hollinger
Written by Tyler Hollinger & Colin Smith

In the vein of classic cinematic masterpieces like the perennial “Junior”, “Man-Babies” is a timeless male pregnancy story with a twist. In a land not so far away, Brooklyn to be exact, one person struggles with both the hardships and the magic of birthing life... too bad he is a man and this is 2017 where a pregnant man is about as accepted as a Trump presidential victory. Charlie, a naïve-but-likeable writer with a vivid imagination, a taste for spicy foods and a penchant for miniature pigs is ambushed by reality when 12 pregnancy tests come back positive and the crushing reality that he is the first pregnant man EVER comes knocking at his door. 

When Charlie learns of this anomaly, almost by accident he is forced to confide in his less-than-receptive girlfriend, Miranda, who may or may not be the mother of the child. Meanwhile his erstwhile best friend, the bearded Eli, is more than excited and thinks pre-natal visits are a good excuse for Moscow Mules. Charlie is subsequently kicked out of his girlfriend's apartment due to his untimely pregnancy and forced not only to move in with Eli, in his bleak apartment, but the bigger choice of whether or not to keep the child. Charlie realizes that this child is coming to term(s) ... with him! Initially doubtful, now a doting father, Charlie and Eli have created a birthing plan along with matching furniture sets and a house, no a home, ready for a child. 

Little do they know that due to Charlie’s social media fame, his girlfriend Miranda angles to get back in the relationship to revel in the rewards of his snapchat following. Eli and Miranda come to blows in the dramatic conclusion.

Finally, with no-one else to turn to Charlie is forced to bear the child himself and the long dark road toward single parenthood.



I am so proud to announce that 'Mr. Richardson,' the crazy pipe dream I had a few months ago, is now in the final stages of post-production.

In April, my dear friend and frequent collaborator, Ben Kanes, called me up and said, "Hey, let's make a film.  Why don't you write something contained and manageable that we can shoot together some weekend?"  I said I'd be thrilled to.  What resulted was an action-comedy far beyond the scope of what any sane person would ever attempt to make in a week.  Six months, 27 cast members, 40-plus crew members, fights, blood, hand-built props, and a whole lot of love later-- I had directed my first film.

I can't express enough times what a dream of a shoot we had.  So many people from so many different moments of my life and career came together to make this crazy thing happen, and it wouldn't have been the same without any one of them.  

As someone who has been a professional actor and producer for years now, I went into this shoot assuming I would have to make compromises.  (If you ever feel a little too starry-eyed, a gig as a line producer will cure you quickly.)  I feel so lucky to say that my team made this film a total dream to make, and the compromises were precious few.

You can check out that list of incredible humans here.   Follow 'Mr. Richardson' on Instagram or add us on Facebook for more updates!

Lions Makes TOP 50 for Academy Nicholl Fellowship


The script for The Lions of Mesopotamia, a feature I wrote (and just had the absurdly good fortune of workshopping at NY Stage and Film), has been shortlisted for the AMPAS' Academy Nicholl Fellowship.

Every year, the organization that curates the Oscars, also awards this fellowship to a few emerging screenwriters.  The award attracts some major talent, and I feel extraordinarily grateful to be counted among their TOP 50 selections, out of the 6,915 have moved on for further consideration.  That's just.... whoa.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who makes the time and puts their love into developing new work.  From the readers writing coverage to the forty or so incredible souls at NY Stage and Film last week-- the love, the support, the thoughtfulness, the generosity and the energy you put into cultivating new voices is MAJOR, and it has had an impact on me for sure.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this film with the world someday, and hopefully letting it speak for the people whose voices so far have been drowned out by violence.

You can check out more about this year's Nicholl and the fellows here

COMPATIBILITY Wraps Production

How lucky am I to have spent the past few days on set with this cast and crew?

About a year and a half after Jack and I decided to make this film a reality, it has wrapped principal photography, and man... it is beautiful.  I cannot extend enough gratitude to the amazing Ruya Koman, who headed into the fire with me without hesitation.  She's a force of nature, and I hope to be making films with her for years to come.  Daniel Katz, Stew Cantrell, and our entire crew brought this film to life so stunningly, and John Kroft is going to charm the pants off of our future audiences-- mark my words.  It was a dream to work opposite him.

 On the set of COMPATIBILITY with John Kroft.  Photo: Ramy Mam.

On the set of COMPATIBILITY with John Kroft.  Photo: Ramy Mam.

Jack and I spent a long time developing this script together, and finally seeing it come to life in such talented hands was really exciting.  We had a top-to-bottom fabulous group of people who went the extra mile to be there and help make this film that much better than it would have been without them.  Can't wait to share this film with an audience!

COMPATIBILITY Starts Pre-Production

Pre-production has started on the short film version of writer/director, Jack Marchetti's, feature Compatibility.  Jack and I met last April at Tribeca Film Festival when our films premiered in the same short film program back to back.  

I loved his writing since day one and, when his script was shortlisted for the Academy Nicholl last summer, we decided to try to make it a reality.  Currently that's taking the form of a short film/proof-of-concept version, and I'm really looking forward to officially kicking off the journey toward the future.   Jack's script is relevant, smart, and fun, and we're putting a lot of love into this film!

Keep up with us as our team grows here.  


LIONS to be Workshopped at NY Stage and Film

So, here's something totally jaw-droppingly insane:  I have been invited to workshop my feature script, The Lions of Mesopotamia,  at New York Stage and Film's Screenwriting Lab this summer.  Given NYSAF's long history developing the work of so many people I've admired (let's face it-- idolized) for years, I'm kind of at a loss to accurately express how cool this is.  

Having early development support and feedback is such a blessing.  This film took me almost two years to research and write.  But it took many people's lives to create.  

For the Iraqis who have been generous, brave, and open enough to share their stories with me, thank you, and I hope I make you proud.

More about The Lions of Mesopotamia here.

More about NYSAF here.