"Aphasia" is an Official Selection of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival!

I'm simultaneously proud and humbled to announce that Aphasia, the film I wrote, co-produced, and acted in, will receive its World Premiere at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

It was a wild journey that became my own personal film school, and I am beyond amazed that it has come so far.  

The film was directed by Luke LoCurcio, my long-time friend who DP'ed the very first feature I ever acted in.  It was co-produced by my production-partner-in-crime, Olivia Bosek, at our company A Small Fire Productions, and it costars the incredibly gifted Frankie J. Alvarez from HBO's series, LOOKING.  This film also owes a great debt to all its 18 cast members (plus more extras!), 29 crew members, and 66 generous contributors I was lucky enough to work with along the way, and the filmmakers who let me stop by their offices/apartments/inboxes to troubleshoot my growing pains (especially Leigh Scott, David Jakubovic, Jack Doulin and our two executive producers, James Weber and Andre Mann).  

For the people that don't know me, I have been at every Tribeca Film Festival for the last seven years, and nothing could possibly mean more to me than to premiere my first film as a writer/producer at this festival.  It was a labor of love from start to finish.  

I am so excited to share this film with you all!  Please check out the trailer here and more info about the film here!  You can also view the full site with our blog, complete photos, press, and so on at www.aphasiathefilm.com and find updates about the film and festival on www.tribecafilm.com!