Our team is over the moon to announce that our documentary, HOME STREET HOME, will receive its world premiere at the Harlem International Film Festival this Sunday May 6th at 5PM.  I had the good fortune of co-directing this film with Tyler Hollinger.  It was executive produced by Shane Duffy, and we had an absolutely incredible crew.

Synopsis: In 2015 Shane Duffy met a homeless man Damian 'Dean' Cummings. In an effort to directly help one man's life, Shane built a 'Hidden Home' disguised as a dumpster. Damian lived in this home for over a year on the streets of SOHO NYC and know one suspected otherwise. In 2017 the NYPD took Damian's home away after the NY POST broke the story, thus returning him to the streets. Now the duo is being threatened with 10 days of jail and a $500 fine.

Tickets to join us are available here!