COMPATIBILITY at Hell's Half Mile and Online!

Making COMPATIBILITY was an incredible experience form start to finish.  I was fortunate to have the chance to be directed by my fellow Tribeca Film Festival alum, Jack Marchetti; I worked for the very first time with my producing soul mate, Ruya Koman; and I finally had the chance to collaborate with artists I had wanted to work with for years.

The film recently made its world premiere as part of Hell's Half Mile Film Festival, where I had the pleasure of screening Aphasia a few years back.  This programming team and their audience are nothing by supportive and enthusiastic about independent film.  

The short asks "What would the world be like if your computer could tell you who your soulmate was?"  It is part of a larger feature which we are currently putting together, and it is now available online!   Check it out!

Writer/director: Jack Marchetti; starring John Kroft and Robin Rose Singer; produced by Robin Rose Singer and Ruya Koman; Director of Photography: Daniel Katz.