MAN-BABIES, a new comedy series

Thrilled to announce that pre-production has begun on the half-hour mystery-comedy, MAN-BABIES.  The show is written and directed by Tyler Hollinger (co-written by Colin Smith.)   

I play Miranda, the girlfriend of the main character, Charlie (played by Tyler himself) in this fascinating meditation on gender norms, YouTube fame, and scientific impossibilities.

Casting is underway and we are all really excited to bring this hysterical project to life in early March.

More about the project below!

Series Overview

30 Min Comedy/Mystery
Created by Tyler Hollinger
Written by Tyler Hollinger & Colin Smith

In the vein of classic cinematic masterpieces like the perennial “Junior”, “Man-Babies” is a timeless male pregnancy story with a twist. In a land not so far away, Brooklyn to be exact, one person struggles with both the hardships and the magic of birthing life... too bad he is a man and this is 2017 where a pregnant man is about as accepted as a Trump presidential victory. Charlie, a naïve-but-likeable writer with a vivid imagination, a taste for spicy foods and a penchant for miniature pigs is ambushed by reality when 12 pregnancy tests come back positive and the crushing reality that he is the first pregnant man EVER comes knocking at his door. 

When Charlie learns of this anomaly, almost by accident he is forced to confide in his less-than-receptive girlfriend, Miranda, who may or may not be the mother of the child. Meanwhile his erstwhile best friend, the bearded Eli, is more than excited and thinks pre-natal visits are a good excuse for Moscow Mules. Charlie is subsequently kicked out of his girlfriend's apartment due to his untimely pregnancy and forced not only to move in with Eli, in his bleak apartment, but the bigger choice of whether or not to keep the child. Charlie realizes that this child is coming to term(s) ... with him! Initially doubtful, now a doting father, Charlie and Eli have created a birthing plan along with matching furniture sets and a house, no a home, ready for a child. 

Little do they know that due to Charlie’s social media fame, his girlfriend Miranda angles to get back in the relationship to revel in the rewards of his snapchat following. Eli and Miranda come to blows in the dramatic conclusion.

Finally, with no-one else to turn to Charlie is forced to bear the child himself and the long dark road toward single parenthood.