SHORTLISTED: "Interference" makes the ScreenCraft Semifinals!

"Interference," my newest script, has been shortlisted for a very generous and exciting production grant from the wonderful souls at ScreenCraft and BondIt.  The grant is decided by Alice Khalroubi, head of the Cannes Film Festival Court Métrage, and Ira Sachs, an incredibly talented filmmaker who has taken many films to Sundance (including this year's Little Men), Berlinale, and more. 

If awarded, "Interference" will be my directorial debut.  It tells the story of a couple that encounters a traffic stop between an African-American civilian and a police officer that leaves one man dead.  They must decide who to believe and what they are willing to risk to do something about it.  It's a film that's very close to me emotionally and one that I feel absolutely needs to be made.

A very kind, anonymous reader from the BlueCat Screenplay Competition (which it's also still in the running for) returned this note on it:  "Tackling a topical social issue, this script shows the fear and complications that arise from murky circumstances where prejudices hold more weight than truths.  Without preaching or reducing people to stereotypes, the story reflects a nuanced and critical understanding of the ways a situation can spiral out of control despite the best of intentions."

Feel free to send along some extra good vibes.  I won't be mad at you for it.