COMPATIBILITY Shortlisted for Prestigious Academy Nicholl Fellowship

I am so excited to announce the first major milestone for my collaboration with writer/director Jack Marchetti, his brilliant and timely film, Compatibility.

His script has been named a quarterfinalist for the incredibly prominent, Academy Nicholl Fellowship, a screenwriting award selected by members of the Academy Awards voting body.  In short, this is a massive honor, and one that this script truly deserves.  

Jack and I met at Tribeca Film Festival last April, when both of our films played back to back in the same program.  I was immediately struck by how he managed to take me on a journey through my life as a music lover, and all the ways that changing music technology has unwittingly impacted my life, with his film "Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser."  (The soundtrack, by the way, is rad.)  My sister and I STILL to this day talk about the time we spent hours jumping on her bed in oversized hoodies to the Rage Against the Machine CD on repeat, pretending we were Zach de la Rocha.  I STILL remember downloading Black Rob and every Metallica album, plus all the live stuff, and thinking I had hit the jackpot (sorry, Metallica.  It was Limewire though, I think, not Napster, if that helps.)  And I STILL remember going back to actually purchasing music on iTunes and feeling like I was somehow doing right by... someone.   Mumford and Sons, I guess? 

Compatibility is yet another skilled and incisive look at our relationship with the modern technology that powers our lives.  It's an exploration of love in the age of information, a time when ignorance truly is a choice, thanks to a world of data at our fingertips.  Moreover, though, this film is a vibrant, high-stakes journey into the lives of two strong characters torn between their personal ambitions and their relationship.  

We are looking forward to sharing more exciting news about this project and all the talented people and supportive organizations that are coming on board to bring it to life.