Who the hell is this chick?

Photo from the set of "Aphasia."  Photo: Ian Kaplan

Photo from the set of "Aphasia."  Photo: Ian Kaplan

It's been a crazy 2014, and now that the dust is finally settling (and I'm prepping my couch for SAG screeners and a little egg nog), I figured that now was as good as time as any to get organized and finally build..... a website.

No more searching through the "notes" section of my phone to send people five different links to videos and film sites.  Instead, there is now one place for all of the work I do, and you, my friends, have arrived.

It's been a strange experience putting this site together.  I read all the same articles everyone else does about branding and marketing and so on.   I was hesitant to put all of my work in one place, because I work in lots of different capacities, and I'm pretty sure it's confusing to people.  But then... It Dawned On Me.  The various ways I participate in creating film and art, in general, are not mutually exclusive.  I am just a creative person.  I love to work hard, and I love making things. 

Professionally, that began for me as an actor, but before that I was a dancer, singer, and guitarist.   The notion that a person should be any one thing in their life, subscribe to any one identity over all others, is just short-sighted.  There is a whole wide world outside of the boxes we put ourselves in, and hunger is contagious.  

When I began producing my own writing (and acting in it), I was worried people would think I was either a raging narcissist or somehow not good enough to "just" be an actor.  It took me a hot second to grow a pair and admit to myself I really wanted to make work that wasn't available to me without begging, borrowing, or stealing.  Maybe I wasn't famous enough to get the meaty roles in great productions (which are already sparse for women who like sci-fi or action) or maybe there just weren't enough great productions happening that month.  But either way, it seems to me, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

So now I am a hyphenate.  But no matter how many new career paths I tack on to my job description, there is always one thing in common.  Every accomplishment I have ever had as an artist has come down to the skills I have learned as an actor: prepare thoroughly, learn to follow your instincts, and find a way to work every single day.   (And then find a way to NOT work--for at least an hour-- every single day.)

I hope these little notes I share are interesting to other artists making their way.  We are in one wacky and f*cking fan-tas-tic industry, and the good people in it are truly some of the most magical, generous, and inspiring human beings I have met.  A little insane, in the best way.  You have to be to do this, really.  But I am wrapping up this year, once again, more grateful than the last.

I've been pushed to new limits this year.  And I have learned so, so much.  I have been fortunate to share 2014 with some truly phenomenal artists and creators, the kind of people that make you want to be better than your best.  

Thanks for giving this a read, and don't hesitate to drop a line if you have any thoughts or questions.  I really, really like people, so it would be nice to hear from you.

Happy holidays, y'all, and welcome to my brand new, official headquarters here.  Please feel free to make yourselves at home, and help yourselves to the liquor cabinet.